Hi! I’m Hayley King, a WordPress developer and consultant. I currently work full-time at Skyhook Interactive in Mesa, Arizona. I got my start in web development back in 1998 and have been learning and evolving ever since. Over the years I’ve discovered my passion – building websites that people love to use. Most sites focus on the usability of the user-facing part of a website but I also want the sites I build to be easy for my clients to maintain. I want you to feel empowered and maybe even excited to make changes to your website, not frustrated or annoyed.

Honestly, I avoided WordPress for many, many years. Once I really sat down and got to know the platform, everything changed. I had spent so much time researching each content management system looking for the perfect CMS. One that was easy for developers to customize and simple for business owners to manage. WordPress achieves both, especially for the sites that I enjoy building.

If you’re interested in a little more personal info, I grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 after a few terrible New England winters. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite feel like “home” to me so I’m spending a lot of my free time researching my next adventure. I have two cats, Zero and Ah Dee.