Do you want your child to love reading?

Everything looks a little different in 2020 and unfortunately, that includes how our children are learning in the 2020-2021 school year. For some, they are sitting in front of a computer screen for five or more hours a day interacting with classmates and teachers over video chat. The assignments your children are given might not be as challenging or they might not be getting many assignments at all. They’re missing out on the educational experience that we as parents expect and it’s up to us to work with teachers to ensure that our children have access to as many resources as possible. I’d like to share some of our books that you can use in addition to the education they’re receiving.

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  1. What If I Know My Shapes? By Michelle Nelson-Schmidt $8.99
  2. Understanding Economics (IR) By Lara Bryan & Andy Prentice $12.99
  3. Lift-the-Flap Math Shapes (IR) By Eddie Reynolds $14.99
  4. Number Puzzles & Games By Phillip Clarke $4.99
  5. Graphs and Charts Activity Book By Darran Stobbart $9.99
  6. Architecture Scribble Book (IR) By Eddie Reynolds & Darran Stobbart $12.99


  1. Look Inside Wild Weather (IR) By Emily Bone $14.99
  2. Getting Started with Science By Katie Daynes $12.99
  3. Lift-the-Flap Biology (IR) By Alice James $14.99
  4. The Amazing Discoveries of 100 Brilliant Scientists (IR) By Abigail Wheatley, et al. $12.99
  5. My Very First Science Book (IR) By Matthew Oldham $11.99
  6. See Inside Germs (IR) By Sarah Hull $14.99

Social Studies

  1. Planet Earth Mazes By Sam Smith $9.99
  2. Señor Roscoe on Vacation By Jim Field $14.99
  3. Fold-Out Dinosaur Timeline (IR) By Rachel Firth $14.99
  4. History Uncovered: The U.S.A. By Kristine Carlson Asselin $24.99
  5. Turn and Learn: Our World By Isabel Otter, Ill. by H. Tolson $18.99
  6. Understanding Politics & Government (IR) By Alex Frith Louie Stowell $12.99


  1. How the Elephant Got His Trunk By Anna Milbourne $3.99 **
  2. Skunks in Trunks By Russell Punter $6.99 **
  3. Billie B. Brown & Hey Jack! The Book Buddies By Sally Rippin, Ill. by Aki Fukuoka $4.99 **
  4. Vlad the World’s Worst Vampire By Anna Wilson, Ill. by Kathryn Durst $5.99 **
  5. Kensey and Max: Breaking News By Jacqueline Harvey $6.99 **
  6. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Illustrated Originals) (IR) By Frank Baum $14.99

** Save money on these titles when you buy the boxed set, collection or combined volume!


  1. Wipe-Clean Action Words to Copy $7.99
  2. Write Your Own Scripts By Andy Prentice & Matthew Oldham $14.99
  3. Stargazer’s Journal By Fiona Patchett $12.99
  4. Be Positive! By Dr. Sharie Coombes, Ill. by Ellie O’Shea $6.99
  5. Lift-the-Flap Grammar & Punctuation (IR) By Lara Bryan $14.99